Saturday is Coming

August 23 is approaching. Here is a post that discusses its significance. Join me, if the interest is there. With a storm down in the gulf, the air feels right for writing.

You don’t have to show it to anyone, but say something you’ve never said before!

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Writing Day, 2007

Here is this year’s brief contribution to my August 23 Series.



With Some Thunder Moving Away

There have been rains which fell like many rains at once,
a crushing volume roaring without nuance,
beating every sound rain knows how to make
into the space of every second.

But last night the rain had time for itself,
touching the roof in arpeggios of casual calm,
like a friend deciding she had no need to rush away,
and I opened the window to let her come inside.

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On my Writing Day, I took most of the day off and did a few things that usually give me inspiration: I went kayaking, and I went to Waffle House. Both activities gave me good material for writing, but the small poem that emerged as my 2007 installment of the August 23 series came from neither. That’s the way artistically nourishing activities are: you might not create what you hoped, but you are opened to other creative impulses that you probably would not have noticed otherwise. I plan to share the poem sometime later, but in the meantime, there are vines.

As usual, I had the Catawba River completely to myself, and once out of hearing distance from the Hwy. 9 traffic, I slowed to a birder’s pace and began nosing my way around the shore of the big island. I don’t know why it is, but — without analyzing it too much — I really like vines. These look so wild and untamed as they drape themselves in the sunlight, sprung between the treetops and gravity’s attempt to hold them down. How can something be so elegant and so unruly at the same time?

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You’re Invited


Some of you know already that August 23 is my annual Writing Day. It is a self-imposed holiday I have observed since 1980, except for two years when I forgot. During the 24 hours that comprise August 23, I write something from start to finish. Usually it’s a poem, but a few articles or stories have happened, too. Sometimes revising occurs later, but the core is conceived and completed during that day.

This has always been a solo endeavor, but here’s a chance for you to get in on the fun of creative writing as a calendar event. This isn’t a contest, but just a special Writing Day project for the readers of Balance. Here’s the invitation:

From your observation of this photo, write something that pleases you. Don’t think about it ahead of time, but on your Writing Day, come back to the photo and let words happen. You don’t have to do it on August 23, of course — that’s just my thing — but whatever day you pick will become extremely special to you if you keep doing it every year.

Then, after your Writing Day is complete, do with your written piece as you choose. Put it on your blog, or I’ll post it here if you like (unless it’s a book!). Send it to someone special, or simply enjoy it privately. Also, even if you don’t share your writing publically, it would be fun to know who did participate and which date you used.

Have fun, and let me know if you have questions. But don’t expect me to get back to you this Thursday…I’ll be busy!

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