A lot of time has passed quickly. Writing has been difficult. Actually, time allotted for writing has been difficult; the writing itself has been little attempted. Several other good pursuits have been happening. I’m beginning to learn to play guitar, something once attempted in my very early teens. My Orange Crush bottle collection has been supplemented and reorganized. I’ve been distracted by prime numbers, having accidently discovered one (7,129) while doing some recreational math in my office one morning. Two consecutive weekends of cooking barbeque at the church and playing on the new softball team have also occupied me. The Carolina Bird Club meeting, over which I presided, was excellent in Williamston, NC. And plenty more, some of it lovely and some of it perfunctory, has naturally flecked the consist of 2009’s first quarter canvas.

I do love this blog community and have missed it. Thank you, again, for reading and for adding your comments and thoughts when you can. The weather is warm, now, and in some upcoming time off I hope to put the kayak in the water and bring back some photos of where I’m finding myself. Peace to you in the meantime, with sunshine and new leaves!

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Pepsi-Cola Sign

Years ago, when I was using my Minolta X370 film camera, I sought out soft drink ads painted on brick walls. I have a small collection somewhere of the photos I took while hoping to preserve a glimpse of quieter marketing methods than were current for cola companies of the time. My favorite is of an Orange Crush ad painted on a building in Belton, SC.

Well, last weekend, while riding through Raeford, NC, to one of the bird trips, one of the women in my truck excitedly announced that she had just seen a Pepsi advertisement painted on an old brick wall. She was quite enthusiastic about finding it, and I was impressed; I didn’t know other people recognized the specialness the medium.

On the way back after seven hours of birding, talk turned again to the cola sign. The woman who had noticed it pleaded that we should stop and see it better. I wasn’t arguing! So we stopped, and this beauty became one of the best finds of the whole weekend.



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I wonder if perhaps a sponsorship might be in order.

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