Green Month, 3-25-8… A Conclusion

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[All photos in this Green Month series were taken in July of 2005 during a ten-day search for traditional Irish music. Extensive journaling accompanied the exploration, but that material is not for this blog. Now…on to more current ideas and episodes that may serve the purpose of balance.]

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Green Month, 3-24-8

The emerald nation glistens on the horizon of myth, on the shore of need. For all with souls deeper than pockets, a spiritual home is here. And for those who daily hear the music and smell the smoke of a turf fire lifting from its chimney, home itself is a never-ending prayer with senses tingling.

No wonder the state of envy is generally known as green.

Doolin, County Clare

Gort or Corrofin ?, County Clare

Kilmacrenan, County Donegal

Cregg Castle, Corrandulla, County Galway

County Clare

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Green Month, 3-22-8


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Green Month, 3-20-8… Holy Thursday




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Green Month, 3-18-8


The best secrets are only hidden from those who depend on words for their exposure.

Even so, if you could borrow this hill, and walk with a friend to the third fence of trees, what would you whisper to them there?

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Green Month, 3-17-8… St. Patrick’s Day


Patrick was born in Scotland before being taken in slavery to Ireland when he was a small boy. So, in honor of his day, here is the symbol of his original home, the thistle. These are plentiful in Ireland. I have no photos of shamrock’s, though. Instead, here are some other wild flowers, scattered across the green island, to further decorate the day.





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Green Month, 3-16-8


Sunday of that trip, I didn’t go to church, but I did notice a small boat named Genevieve, anchored in Galway Bay on the edge of the Burren. Actually, I tried to go to church, but it was complicated. I ended up worshiping God with the Atlantic and many rocks all around. And they were not complicated.


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