I’m Here

The gentle callings of fellow writers to “come out and play” are sounding good, are pacing my own yearning to return to this space with thought. Thank you for missing, as I have, what happens here. I think the absence is ready to give an account for itself.

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New Readers

A few church members are finding out about my blog, and I welcome them — and more — to these pages. I don’t say much here about my work. Sometimes I mention it, but the general absence is intentional. This is a personal journal of some items and events that help me stay focused on what is really important…or what makes me wonder. It is not a blog by Rev. Patterson, but a blog by Steve, a Jesus-follower guy who loves life and real people. I hope my new readers will find something here that touches real places within them, and that they will add their commentary when it feels right.

Come in. Have a seat. Let’s immerse ourselves in something profound, or funny, or silently, incomprehensibly Christlike between us.

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Check Out the Latest Blog I’ve Linked

It is primarily nature-based and originates from someplace in the Carolinas. The author goes by the name of Cedrorum, and his educational insights about natural events and entities are worth reading. I think you’ll enjoy Mutual Causality.

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About the Catawba River

While I continue to wait for the replacement of my computer’s ethernet board, here is an article that announces the latest happenings on this river I paddle.

When the Mac is back up and I can manage photos again, I’ll be posting about a recent gathering of three blog friends, some paddling on the Intracoastal Waterway, and maybe even the view from a hammock. In the meantime, thank you for reading, and immerse yourself deeply in the blessings of July.

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Two Blogs

How many months has it been since I added some new blog links? I don’t know. But there are now two new ones you should check when navigating (temporarily!) away from Balance. Stephen Taylor is a fellow UM pastor who has been blogging meaningfully for nearly a year. I recently found his blog after he had linked to mine and recommended it to his readers — generously, I might add. Go get to know him at NitroRev. I’m excited to be blogally connected with you, Stephen!

Next, there is Lore Ferguson, who has been writing blogs for several years. Find her at The Blackbird Is Involved in What I Know. Go there quickly, but don’t rush away. No photos, but the best use of language I’ve found on the internet. Please take the time to get what she’s saying. But even if you don’t, the way she says it will charm your mind. That’s all I’ll say, lest I skew your opinion before forming it yourself.

Also regarding blog maintenance, I have considered removing from my blogroll those links which are no longer being used by their authors, but I’m hesitant. What they have written previously is still worthwhile, and hopefully, more good thoughts will grace the bandwidth from them before long.

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Checking In

My internet access is severely curtailed right now due to an array of computer issues.  I have no internet access at all at home.  For some time now, one of my browsers (AOL) will not allow me to post anything on my blog.  IE and Safari will let me post, but clumsily, not allowing me to establish categories (to aid anyone who might be searching for my subject matter).  But I see that on this computer I’m borrowing, I can easily set categories and edit my material.  It might be time to buy another computer. 

If my e-mail communication to any of you is sporadic, this is why.  You may certainly call me to expedite your thoughts.  I will continue to check this computer when I can and others if available, so your e-mails will not be completely unread. 

I also wanted to tell about the lightning strike in my back yard last night.  That could be the pivotal moment in the demise of my modem and computer’s online capacity.  The repairman replaced the damaged modem, but the computer still will not communicate with it.  The strike was bad, and the tree will probably die.  I have pictures, but they are on my home computer and cannot be accessed.  Hopefully I’ll remember to show them here once order and balance have been restored.  In the meantime, I’m going to turn off comment moderation so you can say what you want about what you read here without having to wait for me to find a computer and approve it.  You can more easily talk to one another like that, too. 

Have a good night, and if you have computer purchase advice for me, I will gladly accept it.

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Please Stand By

I’m having difficulty with WordPress. I keep getting kicked offline while trying to access my posting page. This represents progress, though, and hopefully I’ll be able to post new articles soon.

~ Steve

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