Not Kayaking on My River

…But driving over it on the bridge, I saw an unusual sight. A disc-like shape caught my attention. Looking back I saw an open umbrella, topside down, floating with the current like a round, tall-masted boat. I wonder what the story behind that was.

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  1. Maybe you were an unwitting participant in a new Travelers Insurance commercial. I’ve seen a few in the past with an English looking guy carrying a gigantic umbrella that is used to solve all sorts of problems, in fact it was used as a boat in one segment to get people across a stretch of water.

    Anyway, what’s the deal with being on the bridge and not on the water in your boat? I picked up an 11′ Perception Rythym Sport to take the kids out in to introduce them to the sport. So far, they all like it!


    Response from Steve:
    Hey , Jeff. Sometimes you just have to drive, and that’s a regular route as I head to meetings and hospital visits in Rock Hill. Wish I had time to go home, pack up the kayak, run back to the river and chase down the umbrella, just for the fun of saying I did it.

    So, you’ve added to the fleet? Nice!

  2. It was probably looking for stray balls. 🙂

    Response from Steve:
    Must have been. It was a curious sight.

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