Vicarious Delight

I have some friends who are now at the beach, renting a house on the marsh, actually. Just knowing they are there and what they are doing gives me a good sense of relaxed well-being. They had invited me to come along, but other obligations are involved here at home. Occupying them are some of the best things in life: watching the tide flood into the marsh grass, eating homemade chili on the screened porch, watching the tide go out, spending hours on the beach, sleeping, and watching storms. And that feels really nice.

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  1. Thanks Steve, makes it almost feel like you’re there too.

  2. Vicarious indeed! There is something truly special about the living movement of water, all the better enjoyed in the midst of fellowship with good friends!

  3. I’ve been feeling the pull of the water lately as well, and as a trip anywhere near the coast does not look likely in the near future, I am hoping to go find one of our mountain streams here in the next few days. That rarely happens without my thoughts and memories going to times we have spent together, either on the trail or on the coast. Almost as good as being there!

  4. Hey! 0¿0 I’m finally catching up a bit. Great to see you posting again! You’ve been to FL! My MIL lives in Jax, but we never did get over there to look for the sandplover. 8-( Glad you got to see it, anyhow.

    Have a JESUS-filled day! ^i^

  5. Hey Steve. I need to start reading more often if you’re going to talk about us. We wished you could have joined us, and we’ll definitely plan ahead next time. Although you weren’t there in person, I think I ate like you would have. And Stephanie kayaked in your honor.

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