Jeff’s Merlin XT


Friend and blog reader Jeff, of Michigan, recently acquired this handsome kayak and has begun to learn it. The Merlin XT is a thermoformed boat made by Eddyline, a family-owned company in Washington state. This particular model is 15 feet long. It’s a very cool kayak named after a very cool falcon.

I hope you have plenty of adventure and fitness building in it, Jeff. And I hope we can paddle together someday.

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  1. Guess he was paddling in a sea of snow.

    Response from Steve:
    What happened, Shareen, was that he posed the boat on the snow for a photo, but the kayak is just so hot that it melted everything around it.

  2. After about 3 weeks of bare ground, another 1 1/2 inches of snow fell yesterday afternoon returning everything to white, much like the photo above taken after an unusually warm spell in mid February.

    For my Saturday morning paddle this past weekend, there was frost on the car when I loaded up and left for the water! But the solitude and opportunity to experience the water is very much worth it.

    The boat is actually 15′ long, and is a confusing model in Eddyline’s portofolio of boats, contributing to it’s being dropped from production recently. They still manufacture a model called the Merlin LT, which is a smaller version of the XT measuring 13.5′.

    Thanks Steve, for educating me on the name. I realize that most of the Eddyline boats are named after birds, but did not realize this was the case with the Merlin. After a brief trip to Wikipedia I am now familiar with the namesake falcon. As you said, very cool!

    Response from Steve:
    Thanks, Jeff. I’ll correct the length in the posting to reflect that. I’m glad you’re able to get out, even in the cold. Kayaking is truly one of the hallmark activities for solitude and reflection.

  3. Ha “Jeff of Michigan” I also live in mi and am looking for others who like to yak this wonderful state. If we live close to one another, do you want to get together and do some winter paddling? let me know at I live in the dearborn so let me know thanks Larry

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