A Rocking Chair by a Window Full of Snow

Yes, there has been snow! It’s 8:30 AM while I write this, and it’s still falling. There is good coverage of a few inches, perhaps, and the wind is gusting it around like dust. There are flakes moving in every direction at once. Lots of birds have been on my feeders, including, for the first time this winter, Pine Siskins. This calm is a glorious dynamic.


The footsteps I made when going out to feed Faulkner and water the birds have been covered over with fresh snow. Now grackles have made their way to my white lawn — just a few. That’s the third species of blackbird to send a scouting party here this morning: Rusty Blackbirds, Brown-headed Cowbirds, and Common Grackles. Depending on how they assessed my seed supply, I might have a yard filled with black before the white has a chance to melt, each a beauty pronounced by its opposite.


I have come recently to learn that today contains the inauguration ceremony for our new president, Barack Obama. I will pray for him, that he may bear with wisdom, grace, and courage the burden that is now his.


I’m soothing my sore throat with a big cup of Irish breakfast tea…milk in first. And now a Red-winged Blackbird becomes the next Icterid prospector. As the birds come and go, the sun is making an appearance. Light flurries still freckle the scene. I think one of the best ways to be at home is exactly this.

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  1. Yahoo! What a blessing such a day can be! I’m so glad for you and anyone else down your way who might have been craving the gentle beauty and calm that a snowy day can bring.

    Response from Steve:
    You’re right. The day has been wonderful. I’m calling Bryan now to see if they got any.

  2. Hi Steve,

    It is good to read your musings, and reflect on the wisdom contained within.

    I believe I may have posted the following here before, if so, I apologize for the repeat:

    Frederick Buechner: “There is no event so ordinary, so commonplace, that God is not present within. It is up to us to see Him.”

    Interesting reflection on the snow. It may not be that commonplace for your part of the country, but it’s a daily part of life at this point in the midwest. Many recent, consecutive days of single digit temperatures.

    All the rivers are frozen over, and here I am, once again, contemplating the purchase of a kayak. I think my mind is out of synch with the seasons.


    Response from Steve:
    Hi, Jeff. Good to hear from you, too. Now’s a good time to be thinking about kayak purchase. Research and choose now before you’re rushed to need to buy. I’ll answer your recent e-mail about kayak ideas, soon, and we can chat by phone if that turns out to be helpful.

    Thanks for commenting, and peace be with you, as well.

  3. We got ground cover, but it had already started melting away by lunchtime, and by mid afternoon was but a memory. But it was glorious in the coming!

    Response from Steve:
    I am in the habit of thinking Pickens should get more snow than almost anywhere in the state, but weather systems do different things, I guess. The falling of it was, indeed, glorious.

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