November Church Newsletter Entry

I’m singing James Taylor while making toast, anticipating the autumn week ahead. We’re moving down October’s last straightaway, and there are no yellow flags. Time does seem to accelerate, doesn’t it? November is here, and December will seem just as immediate when we’re flung, glittering and gift-wrapped, into the middle of it. As suddenly as a toaster popping, we’ll be into another calendar. It can scare us, even when we know it’s about to happen.

Still, this week, though it promises to be gone soon, is where we reside. Staring at the toaster doesn’t affect the toaster. Whether it ejects the slices early or late, there are colors in the windows of trees that are turning. And there is air made fresher by the shy bend of earth’s harvest season. God occupies that chill as much as he does the weight of heavy blankets. Notice, and the speed of all else becomes irrelevant. God IS.

Because of that, each moment of living is brimmingly full. And we are the cup, breakfast at the lips of the God who has filled us. How much better it is when we stop sloshing around, spilling God’s delight when he’s trying to taste. We each bring our gifts to this table, with heads anointed and cups overflowing…your fire, my rain…God’s festival of beauty that sparkles in the eyes of his children.

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  1. What a blessing you must be to your church. I can only imagine what it must be like to read something like this newsletter and THEN get to worship. Quite an effective prelude! Thanks for sharing it with us.

    Response from Steve:
    I really appreciate that encouragement, Kimberlee. I hope to be a blessing. You’re welcome, and thank you for reading.

  2. great post! great perspective!

    Response from Steve:
    Good to hear from you, Lore. Thank you very much!

  3. Thank you for sharing your gift of writing- this was a blessing to read this tonight.

    …”God occupies that chill as much as he does the weight of heavy blankets.”….I love that description.

    Response from Steve:
    Hi, Jana! How nice to hear from you. Thank you for reading, and I hope to get to read more of your articles soon, too.

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