Removal of the Lightning Tree


For three days last week, the good guys of Steve’s Tree Service methodically cut away and cut down the old white oak in my back yard. Faulkner was temporarily relocated to another yard during the action. There are a few photos here, but many more are located on my Flickr site.




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  1. So, were you part of the decision process on which tree service to hire?

    I went to the Flickr site, and those are some really large pieces of wood. I hope it is going in to something more interesting than firewood. If it does become firewood though it would keep someone in SC warm for two or three winters.

    Response from Steve:
    Ha ha! No, that decision was made apart from me.

    One guy took two big pieces to use in making a pair of tables. The rest — to my knowledge — will be used for firewood.

  2. how do you get to the Flickr site?

    Response from Steve:
    You click on any photo, and it takes you there. Then scroll through the photostream on the right side of the page to see thumbnails of the other pictures. Click on them individually to see them larger.

    [I have now added all the tree photos into a set, which makes it easier to view them all. You will see the set at the right side of my Flickr photostream page.] 10-4-8

  3. Did you count the rings to find out how old the tree is?

    Response from Steve:
    Yeah, but it was not precise. The center three inches of the tree was starting to get a little mushy down at the stump level, so I had to estimate part of it. I counted 112 rings clearly, and a conservative estimation of that center part would put the tree at 120 or more years.

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