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A few church members are finding out about my blog, and I welcome them — and more — to these pages. I don’t say much here about my work. Sometimes I mention it, but the general absence is intentional. This is a personal journal of some items and events that help me stay focused on what is really important…or what makes me wonder. It is not a blog by Rev. Patterson, but a blog by Steve, a Jesus-follower guy who loves life and real people. I hope my new readers will find something here that touches real places within them, and that they will add their commentary when it feels right.

Come in. Have a seat. Let’s immerse ourselves in something profound, or funny, or silently, incomprehensibly Christlike between us.

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  1. My husband and I love your blog and I just felt like using this opportunity to tell you again. Many times it makes me stop and think, without feeling preached to.
    Whoops, should I have said that. 🙂 I get the preaching on Sundays, and days like yesterday….but you often get me to the “same place”.

    I look for new entries every day and am somewhat disappointed when you miss a day. I don’t expect much, do I? 🙂

    Keep up the great work !!!!!

    Response from Steve:
    Hello, Pat. Thank you so much for the encouraging comments! And hey, I understand the “feeling preached to” thing. Glad to hear that element is missing here.

    Yes, my postings have gotten less constant, lately, but I think that will pick back up again soon. Thank you again.

  2. Just goes to show that pastors/priests/reverends/ministers/___ (insert your own word here) are actually real people too!

    I especially like when something from the professional side of your life sneaks in, like the clarification on balance post a few days ago. I haven’t had an opportunity to really digest your answer to the extreme center concept, but I do have another thought I am going to post in that thread after this one.

    I realize that your pursuit here is not to provide a roadmap or guide for living, but your concept of balance sure does provide a great foundation!

    Response from Steve:
    Thank you, Jeff! Great to hear from you and get the perspective, and I’m glad the balance concept connected.

  3. Do you think most people think of you as either a pastor or a ‘regular person’, depending on his/her relationship with you? My (SC-born) uncle is a Methodist minister, but I have never heard him preach, so I rarely think of him in pastorial terms.

    Response from Steve:
    Hi, Sophie. Good question. My impressions and a few conversations are all I have to go on to answer this, but I usually have what I think is a pretty good feel for how people are perceiving me. Much of it has to do with the other person’s preconceived notions of pastors, their experiences with previous pastors, and their own level of comfort/security regarding spirituality. Someone who has never had a healthy, normal relationship with a person who happens to be a pastor will probably have prejudices about (for or against) them to start with. Some people are quite uncomfortable allowing me to be a “regular” person, not calling me by name, but only using a title (Rev.) or epithet (Preacher) to keep me located safely away. Sometimes the same terms are used respectfully and reverently, but sometimes it’s a social denigration, keeping me in my place (as they have determined my place to be).

    It is very much an honor to be someone’s pastor. But it is even more of an honor to be accepted as a real person among others.

    To answer your question: yes.

    I’m just a real guy who has a personal, vital relationship with God, and it also happens to be my privilege to answer the calling of leading churches in a professional way. I’m who I am whether I’m standing in the pulpit on Sunday or sitting here on Thursday morning typing this response to you. Different roles of my different life aspects will engage at proper times, but hopefully I am true to God and the self that God has given me in each role.

  4. Hmm SophieMae, I think that “regular” may be stretching it some! 🙂 Although I tend to consider “non-regular” a compliment. My years knowing Steve have been anything BUT “normal” and for that, I am eternally grateful! I have experienced “life with Steve” on both sides of the pulpit/church door, so maybe I have a different view of Steve the person. The more of the blog that I read, the more I believe that it is a pretty true capturing of Steve-the-person. Thank you Steve, for sharing so much of yourself with us.

    Response from Steve:
    If only I could live up to the ideals and respect that friends like you bestow upon me, Bryan! Thank you, too, for the sharing.

  5. Hi, I stumbled across your blog and I just wanted to let you know that I really enjoy it. Your writing is so poetic and it reminds me of how content and peaceful I feel.

    Thank you for that.


    Response from Steve:
    Hello, Jenan! It’s a delight to have you here. Please come back whenever you can.

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