Landsford Canal State Park, 6-21-8

Some of what was there:

a family of Northern Rough-winged Swallows


juvenile Red-eyed Vireo

Rocky-shoals Spider-lilies

smooth water beside unsmooth water

blue, with wings in the middle

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  1. Steve:
    Those spider lilies are incredible!

    Shortly after the Broad and Saluda Rivers converge here in Columbia, S.C., one can view a few patches of them as you pass by on a canoe or kayak, but they are not in the abundance as seen at Lansford Canal.

    Columbia had a big celebration at the end of May in honor of these lilies, in hopes of bringing awarness of their delicate state, and the need to leave them where they are.

    Thanks for sharing your photos.

    Response from Steve:
    Hi, Joel. They say the colony of spider lilies here on the Catawba is the largest in the world. (That’s an easier claim to make realizing that the species is only found in SC, GA, and AL!) One of the rivers in Alabama thinks they might have the biggest colony, though, so I don’t know which is definitive.

  2. I’m partial to the blue, with wings in the middle!

    Response from Steve:
    When I wrote that caption, I caught my breath, realizing the need to write a larger piece with that as the title. My autobiography, perhaps.

  3. You are quite a good photographer. I love your photos. Keep em coming!

    Response from Steve:
    Thanks so much, Sarah! I’ll do that. I hope you’re doing well in the itinerant nursing game, and in life at large.

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