Green Month, 3-15-8


Faith, unencumbered by windows, is a vital thing.

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  1. Faith that life would go on forever is also seen in this. The craftmanship that is exemplified shows that it was not built to be thrown away with the next fad that came along. Too many buildings that go up in today’s society are “throw away” buildings. Meant to only last a few decades before being torn down to make room for the modern style. I have always been drawn to things that will last a millenium or so. We should always keep in mind our grandchildrens’ grandchildren when “improving” our society.

    Response from Steve:
    Thanks, Shareen. This particular building was part of a monastery built in the 1200s. It was attacked many times during its active history.

  2. Thank you. For the picture, and the words.

    Response from Steve:
    You’re welcome. Thanks for reading, Bryan.

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