A Splash of Red

It’s cold outside. The kayak has been in the garage for more than two months, now — almost three. Here are some photos from last year to appetize the paddling urge and bring out good memories.


shiny after washing

on the ferry from Cedar Island to Ocracoke

Highway 9 boat landing, Catawba River

sharing the yard with rabbits, Sullivan’s Island

under way, Sullivan’s Island

washed free of salt, Sullivan’s Island

Between racquetball and disc golf, I’m trying to stay in shape so the kayak won’t be embarassed when I climb back in. Maybe in March, or certainly by April, schedule and sky will work things out for some time on the river.

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  1. 🙂 That Does excite the senses and cause a stirring desire for warmer weather! I do not remember, has QCC been christened yet? With lines like that, he/she truly deserves a name instead of constantly being referred to as “it.”

    Response from Steve:
    Hi, Bryan. No name has been given yet (“I have…NO name!”). Michael brings this up every now and then, but I’ve not done it. What type of name would be appropriate?

  2. I guess that means “Hogwallup” is out of the question! It might get up and r-u-n-n-o-f-t!

    Response from Steve:
    Yes, Hogwallup has not been one of my potential names! I’ve seen that movie ten times, but I need to watch it again.

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