Cheese on Wheat

Two, or perhaps three, of my loyal readers have been known to display cautionary doubt about my culinary acumen. And that’s okay; we each taste things differently. Yet it plays well to your benefit that I am not deterred. Tonight’s little snack is just an upgrade of an old cracker machine favorite, and it’s ridiculously good for the effort expended. Three steps:

1. Break or slice some Stilton cheese.
2. Arrange the crumbles on a standard graham cracker.
3. Put it in your mouth.

Give it a try. You can thank me later when your hands have stopped their happy clapping and are free to type.

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  1. OK, this loyal reader isn’t going to be quite as cautious as she was about one of your previously blogged delicacies! I’ll rise to the challenge and sample this confection as soon as I get the peanut butter taste out of my mouth! (as soon as I find an upstate retailer offering this gourmet fromage!)

  2. Two or three, huh? That’s just the ones you KNOW about! LOL! 🙂

    Okay, in all fairness, I do admire your culinary acumen. You must be cut from the same cloth as the guy that figured out raw oysters could be swallowed without causing (instant) death.

    Graham crackers and cheese…who’d a-thunk it? I wonder if they’ve got Stilton cheese in Barrow?

  3. Now this, I can try (the peanut butter and mayonnaise, not so much), and probably like very much! It reminds me of a ploughman’s lunch in England; bread, cheese and pickled something. I think I’ll whip it up soon for a snack. Good idea!

  4. Laurie, glad to hear you’re up for another challenge! Earth Fare should have the cheese, as well as other stores that try to be like Earth Fare.

    Kimberlee, are you trying to make me paranoid? Regarding outlets in your neck of the world, I’m thinking someone might have to mail you some Stilton. (If you can’t find it, you can substitute good quality blue.) By the way, does anyone ever make cheese from Caribou milk? And I do love oysters; it’s a pity no one ever named a sports team after them.

    Hi, Sarah. Simple meals like that are so underrated here in America. Hearing that menu makes me want to toss those items in a pack and lose myself on a trail. So, you were skeptical about the peanut butter & banana sandwich, too, huh? Its establishment as a modern food icon might be slower in coming than I thought.

    Let me know how you like the Stilton on Graham, everyone.

  5. Milk a caribou…well, that’s just wrong. LOL!

    Actually, I really don’t know if anyone has ever tried it. I don’t think anyone HERE would have, but in the areas where Reindeer/Caribou herding was done…there might have been opportunity for domesticating (or at least taming) some. Now you’ve got me curious (I should have been named George!). I’ll have to look into that.

    Oyster mascot…hmm…maybe hockey. You know, those guys can really shuck a puck! Badda-bing! 🙂

    Response from Steve:
    Sounds to me like a movement is in order! That may yet be your legacy on the North Slope…development and promotion of sustainable Caribou milk products by the native peoples of northern Alaska. They only need someone to teach them, Kimberlee, and they’re looking to you for leadership.

  6. I don’t think we have Silton cheese in Indiana. Do I wish differently?

    Response from Steve:
    Hi, Lou Ann. Yes, I think you might wish differently, but it may depend on whether you like blue cheese, or not. Here is a site with pertinent info about it:

    I wouldn’t say Stilton is my favorite from the blue family of cheeses, but it is very good. (People with actual cheese credentials will likely think I’m a barbarian for saying this. Actually, they probably blacklisted me as soon as I suggested putting it on an unworthy graham cracker!)

    I hope you’re having a good winter there in the midwest.

  7. This concoction was represented at the Valentine’s meal I prepared for my wife. To push the limits, I chose a Mango-Ginger Stilton. After trying it, and exchanging a few observations about our friend Steve, we declared it to be just as tasty as you said. Thanks!

    Response from Steve:
    I’m very honored. And I’m glad you enjoyed it.

    How impressive, not only that you found, but that you tried a mango-ginger version. I’ll be looking for that, myself, now, and then lift a cracker to good friends.

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