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  1. I love this image! The image you see in your mind when you take photographs has been evolving over the past year or so I have been reading here.

    Putting the bird off to the left (rather than smack in the middle), the fence drawing your eye to the right, the branch pushing your eye to the right, the shallow depth of field that blurs the background, the bits of yellow that add to the visual tension. Many reasons that this is a powerful image.

    Probably my favorite aspect of the image though, is that the birds head is down, almost feeling the weight of being alone.

    Very cool.

    Response from Steve:
    Thank you, Jeff. You read photos well. It’s nice to get feedback from a photo veteran like you.

  2. After seeing this repeatedly over the last several days the reference to the Eagles’ song finally clicked.

    Response from Steve:
    Yes. Good click.

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