I wonder if perhaps a sponsorship might be in order.

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  1. Steve,

    I can’t tell you how much I enjoy your writings….and the chuckles I get when I read something like today’s

    I started reading your blog when Philip Howard gave it high praises. We go to Ocracoke every year and just love the place.

    Keep ’em coming,

    Response from Steve:
    Hello, Pat! It’s so nice to hear from you. I’m glad to know you’re reading. Thank you for the encouragement. Yes, Philip gave me a very positive review on his blog.

    I look forward to going back to Ocracoke, but don’t know when that will be. It’s a place I love, too, and feel like there is something more there I’m supposed to experience.

  2. Why not? Know anybody who works there?

    Response from Steve:
    Sure don’t. But I love that description on the wrapper: “Natural flavor with other natural flavor”

  3. Well, that sounds natural…and flavorful! 🙂

    And I’m tickled to finally get to see a little of your OC bottle collection! I’ve been curious about it for a long time now.

    Response from Steve:
    For those of you just tuning in, OC stands for Orange Crush, not obcessive compulsive! …I think.

  4. This is a great photo, Steve. I wonder, though, about sugar shock.

    Response from Steve:
    Thanks, Karen.

    Had the contents of the bottles been part of the breakfast, you might have a legitimate concern, and not so much from the sugar overload as from whatever else might result from drinking 60-year-old soda.

  5. I’m curious as to who you are soliciting the sponsorship from: the energy bar or the OC? Either one may be a good pursuit. Ah, but then again the sponsorship may hinder the creative content found here.

    As for the 60-year-old soda – well let’s just say there is a big market for well aged (read: OLD) wine. Who’s to say there isn’t interest in the “aged” soda?

    Response from Steve:
    I was thinking about the energy bar, but Crush could work, too.

    Old, unopened sodas are worth a good bit more than empty bottles, but they don’t interest me. (And the settled, discolored contents hardly inspire tasting!) I collect for the glass itself, something I really should write about eventually.

    Good point about hindering creativity, Jeff. Being a sellout doesn’t sound very balanced, does it?

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