And Yet, I’m Writing

Life is not all fun and kayaking. This is a very hectic week in church life. Yesterday and today have been two of the busiest in months, with a substantial list of undone items remaining. Walking into one of three hospitals I visited today (never made it to the fourth), another pastor met me coming out. Just as I was entering the revolving door, he called back to me, “Didn’t see you at the meeting today!” Meeting? He was gone before the glacial apparatus calved me into the lobby, so I didn’t get to ask what he meant. I was confused but undisturbed…my time was well spent.

And there’s a funeral tomorrow that wants my assistance. I’ll start preparing tonight and work more on it in the morning. The reports due tomorrow will likely be finished the following day. To all this, e-mail adds the stress of one of God’s beloved lunatics, abusing the constituency of a community group of which I have executive charge. He and I will both need grace. Otherwise I’m likely to balance a big slab of vocabulary in some useful manner that he will not appreciate.

But Thursday is coming, and friends will hike. My plan is to smile expectantly between now and then.

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  1. There is so much “Balance” here that it makes one wonder where to start!

    Your title says it all, and I suspect the balance part is already figured out, and safely part of the big picture.

    A pastor friend of mine put forth the idea of “sabbath moments”. There comes a time when you are so busy in your week that making it to worship may not be an option, but, there is always time to recognize the presence of God, and respond with thanks.

    Please accept a laypersons gesture of extending the peace of God to you across cyberspace.

    Oh, and good luck with that smile!

    Response from Steve:
    You’ve given the smile more integrity, Jeff, and I thank you for that. You are wise. The peace of God to you as well!

  2. Sounds like a whirlwind few days, I will definitely be praying grace for you in the midst of it, and maybe a serendipitous moment to keep that smile going. I found this snippet of an Irish pilgrim’s prayer this morning and thought of it as I read your post.

    Life be in my speech,
    Sense in what I say,
    The bloom of cherries on my lips,
    Till I come back again.

    The love Christ Jesus gave
    Be filling every heart for me,
    The love Christ Jesus gave
    Filling me for every one.

    Response from Steve:
    I like the prayer poem, Sarah; it sounds appropriate for my week. Thank you for the prayers and wishes.

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