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You may have noticed the appearance, a few days ago, of a new entry in my blogroll. Itinerant Idealist is a place of contemplation and verbal beauty. The author is Sarah, and she displays well much of the contour and depth of Idealist existence. For the richly soul-centered persons who inhabit this 6% of the population, this will be oasis, and it’s a great window of grace for everyone. I hope you get a chance to read.

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  1. That IS a great blog! I hadn’t noticed its appearance in your blogroll, so I’m glad you pointed it out. Thanks.

    Response from Steve:
    Yes it is. I thought you would like it.

  2. Well I am just downright delighted! What a lovely review, thanks so very much Steve. I find so much soul stimulation in your own writing that I feel quite honored by your recommendation. It made my day!

    And ‘richly soul-centered’ six percent, I hadn’t seen that number before…very interesting! My brother and I were just discussing the fun of inhabiting that six percent the other day. (He is an INFP, I’m an INFJ.)

    Have a beautiful Sunday!

    Response from Steve:
    You’re welcome, Sarah, and thank you for your expressions of regard, as well.

    Of course, all quantifications of personality types are estimates, but I think the studies behind them are usually hitting pretty close to the target. My 6% assertion is based on the text of David Kiersey’s book, Please Understand Me, wherein he assigns population percentages to all 16 of the Myers-Briggs classic types. Artisans are 40%, Guardians are 40%, Idealists are roughly 6%, and Rationals are perhaps less than 6%. That doesn’t add up to 100%, so it leaves room for blended types and a general margin of error across the whole scheme. Even if you added in the leftover 8%, the intuitives (Idealists and Rationals) are pretty rare.

    Personally, I have tested as an INFJ (counselor) and an INFP (healer), but INFJ reads as my truest self.

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