The Trail to Ellicott Rock

But first…
In my posting about Day Nine of my recent vacation, I mentioned Mr. Philip Howard of Ocracoke, who owns the Village Craftsmen shop. Well, he has a great blog which chronicles ongoing items of interest concerning Ocracoke life. Located there are links to his business — which I can personally recommend — where you can view an inventory and shop online. He also took the time to write some very nice things about my blog. Check out his site for a real insider’s view of Ocracoke: Village Craftsmen


The National Wild and Scenic Chattooga River runs the border between South Carolina and Georgia for about half of Oconee County. After that the name suddenly changes to Tugaloo. Here are some scenes from November 15.


The photo below was taken while standing at the point where South Carolina, Georgia, and North Carolina meet, a place officially known as Commissioners’ Rock. Directly upstream from where I’m standing, but out of view on the eastern shore (right of photo), is Ellicott Rock, the spot where Andrew Ellicott, in 1811, determined the boundary to be. The large rock in the photo, though often confused with both Ellicott Rock and the tri-point (and does in fact have a USGS benchmark), is apparently just a rock.




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