Critters of Arizona.3


The Portal Store, Cafe & Lodge is a great place to stay when visiting the Chiricahua Mountains. Outside the guest rooms are many hummingbird feeders, placed there to help guests enjoy easy observation of the region’s diverse hummingbird population.

But different things happen in the Arizona night.

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  1. VERY cool picture!!!!

  2. Thank you, Peggy! There were many dozens of these bats swirling around us — a very neat experience. We could feel the breeze from their wings. There was a biology professor from a California university there, and he caught some in his butterfly net and, using a field guide, he (we) identified some of them as an endangered species.

  3. I really like this photo. The small version on the blog doesn’t do it justice. You really managed to capture them in flight very well.

  4. I just LOVE this picture! Great job, Steve! What an amazing experience!

  5. Thanks, Karen and Sophie. I’ve just posted some more bat pictures so interested viewers can have some different looks at them.

  6. Wow! I just viewed the additional bat photos on your flickr account and they are great! I can’t wait to show these to the kids in my class…they’ll go nuts! How far away were you when you took these? The bats don’t seem very concerned about being photographed. I hadn’t realized that their wings were somewhat transparent (maybe not the right term). In the photo with only two bats I could see the porch support post through one of the bat’s wings…interesting. Thanks for posting the extra photos!

  7. Kimberlee, I was probably 8-10 feet from the hummingbird feeders. The bats didn’t like the pre-photo red-eye-reducing strobe (neither do I!), and so I have several photos of empty feeders; they move very quickly.

    I noticed that transparent/translucent effect, too. I’m not sure if that’s actual, or just a photographic illusion produced by using a slower-than-ideal shutter speed with the flash.

  8. Having had to remove a bat from my parents house. The wings aren’t transparent as such their skin is just very thin there. I would guess that is to keep the weight of the wings lighter. God is awesome in his designs.

    Response from Steve:
    Yeah, that makes sense, Shareen. The lighter the better for anything that flies. And I guess ‘transparent’ would actually imply something similar to a dragonfly’s wing, which I certainly didn’t mean.

    It’s interesting that you mention thinness and God’s greatness in the same context. Just this past week I learned of the native American idea of a “thin place”. A thin place is a location where God is felt to come very near us.

  9. Hey, that “thin place” connection is really interesting! I’ve never heard anything like that before.

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