Another One Fights the Rust

“I’ve joined the ranks of siblings within our family to ride in a kayak this year.”

This is Victor, working a Perception Swifty with a very long paddle on Lake Keowee. Cool. [photo by Shareen Patterson]


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Some Photos of the Recent Hike

When we started the hike last Thursday for the Body Challenge, Spirit Challenge group, one of the guys handed me his camera and said for me to use it, knowing mine was in the shop. He has sent a CD of those photos to me, but they are still in the mail. In the meantime, here are some that one of the other hikers took and e-mailed to me. (photos by Joel Jones)

By the way, thanks to Kimberlee for helping me find a way to post more than one Flickr photo into a single blog posting.

Lost at the edge of the parking lot

Relaxing already


A bit of yellow

Can you feel the energy?


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This afternoon Faulkner and I went walking in the woods for a short while. He found two dead turtles. He soaked himself in the spring. And I remembered one of the great advantages of last week’s hike where there were no trees: you don’t get spider webs in your face. Well, today there were so many spider webs that I had to use an antler (a long, branched stick that you hold in front of yourself, catching the webs and spiders as you walk). I looked like some kind of overgrown, backwoods acolyte, but I made it back home mostly web-free.

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Internet Quality

Please notice the two latest blogs from friends that I’ve included in the Blogroll. Kimberlee’s (The Buggy Side of the Dog) is brand new, and Michael’s (Wanton Ramblings) has been around a while longer. Click in when you can, and increase your IQ.

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On the River Tonight

As the sun was just getting down to the tops of the trees over on the Chester County shore, Bill Stokes and I started our paddle up the Catawba River. Bill has been kayaking this river since 1999 or 2000, covering regularly in that time much more of it than I have yet seen. I mentioned in one of my earliest postings on this blog that he is somewhat of a celebrity in these parts, and it is because of his kayaking. You see, when he first started paddling the river, he kept noticing balls floating downstream or caught in shoreline debris. There were basketballs, tennis balls, playground balls, baseballs, and just about any kind of athletic orb that people hit, throw, or kick. There were even the occasional bowling balls, barely floating under the surface of the water, scuffed from where they had come through the rapids. As a service to the river, its inhabitants, and its users, he began removing the balls he found, and a phenomenon was begun. Balls which were still usable were cleaned, refurbished and given to recreational departments and schools to use. To date, he has removed over 13,000 balls from the river.

This was the first time I had been in my kayak in more than a month, partly due to a busy schedule, and partly due to the ribcage injury. I could still feel the injury tonight, but it was mostly just a pinch whenever I edged for a left-hand turn. It felt good to be on the water again, and the full moon made a really nice setting for listening to Barred Owls, katydids, Wood Ducks, and some very loud and agitated Great Blue Herons.

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I’ve Been Wondering What Is the Longest Title that can Appear in a WordPress Blog, not that Such Information is Really Important, but Being an Individual of some Heightened Degree of Curiosity, It Seems like a Worthy Thing to Determine, and Because of that, this Exact Title Shall Serve to Approximate the Particular Capacity in Question

Okay, that helps.

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QCC Nissan Piggyback


I came across this photo with my truck doors open, and it made me think how cool the Titan would look if it had no doors.

…in a safari sort of way, you know.

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