Speed 100

For all of you who have been wondering: Speed 100 is a solo basketball game I devised in the mid-1990’s to help me feel healthier than I was feeling. It helped me burn off lots of fat and calories back then, and I still use it occasionally when I need some good sweaty exercise. This game should NOT be attempted by anyone whose health cannot tolerate extremely high heart rate and hard breathing. It goes like this:

The object is to hit 100 basketball shots as quickly as possible. You’ll need a stopwatch.

After warming up and stretching properly, place the stopwatch somewhere out of the way where it’s not likely to get dribbled or stepped on. Start the timer and immediately run to the three-point line at the top of the key for your first shot.


Shoot from wherever you get the rebound.

If you make two consecutive shots from the low post position, inside the paint, move out of the lane to make the next shot.

Each time you hit an even ten (10, 20, 30, etc.), go back to the starting position at the top of the key for the next shot. This means every shot number ending in ‘1’ (1, 11, 21, 31, etc.) will first be attempted from the top of the key. This rule has the effect of slowing down the pace of the game and is called the ‘speed bump.’

All fourth-decade shots (31-40) must be made with the off hand (if you’re right-handed, you must make these shots with your left hand, and vice versa).

All eighth-decade shots (71-80) must be made from the exact same location, which is any spot of your choosing outside the paint. The exception for this is if you hit # 71 from the speed bump position, then only shots 72-80 must be made from the same location of your choosing.

One of the last five shots hit (96-100) must be a foul shot.

When shot # 100 has been successfully made, run to the stopwatch (remember the stopwatch?), and stop the timer.

After cooling down, record your time and try to improve on it each next time you play.

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  1. Sounds like a cool game. I’ll give it a try. I’m sure I’ll get plenty of extra rest/breathing time as I refer back to that list of rules! 🙂

  2. I’ll happily play cheerleader. 8-] It’s still WAY too hot to do anything that physical.

    I truly enjoyed your falling leaves musings! I tried discussing it with our local bovinian bunch, but they seemed a bit dazed by the heat. I’m pretty sure the bull actually spat at me. (How wude!)

  3. Y’all are funny! That’s good.

    And SophieMae, be sure to read Cowbird’s comment for other insight why they maybe seemed dazed.

  4. You know if I throw the ball at the basket 100 time I might actually make one. Well maybe.

    Response from Steve:
    Nah, you’d do better than that!

  5. It’s a good way to get an aerobic workout, like those boxing workouts. It also sounds like a good way to work on your shooting at the same time.
    The Sultan on Sports


    Response from Steve:
    tsos, thanks for stopping in. Yes, your shots do improve a lot if you play it semi-regularly.

  6. Now you should set up your camera on a tripod and see if you can catch yourself playing this game.

    Response from Steve:
    People riding by probably think I’m strange enough already.

    Bad news regarding the camera, though. My Olympus E 300 (E-Volt) quit working yesterday. I was attempting to take some photos of the orange full moon, and wrong things started happening. I’ll have to find a shop or send it in for repairs.

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