Recently, while reading blogs of kayakers and other outdoor types, I came across a posting that referenced cow pasture smells in a positive way. That reminded me of another poem I wrote a few years ago. I’ll share it here since people have been asking to read some of my pieces.

With the Window Open

It’s a cow I hear, off in the night,
supplied only by crickets for accompaniment.
A pleasant bovine screaming it is,
urgent, but not paniced, voicing some
concern to the herd. –A peaceful sound,

but perhaps I would enjoy it less
if she were my cow, calling to her
sisters, also mine. A wakened herdsman,
at this moment, might be grumbling his way
into boots and pants to go out
and set his mind at ease by flashlight.

And he knows nothing of my
listening in the distance, envying his path across
moonlit fields, where, rewarded in his chore
with the scents of honeysuckle and sweet manure,
he finds nothing wrong.

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