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This isn’t what could reasonably be expected of ME — starting a blog. After all, I am a proponent both of the richness of intimate conversation and the near-sacredness of the written word (books!). I am a writer of journals and ideas and poems, and I expect to always be. But it’s time for a new thing. And I want this new thing to help me chronicle and properly enjoy another new thing about to happen: I’m finally buying a kayak.

The kayak is a symbol of and vehicle for multidimensional balance in a paddler’s life, and it’s with great excitement that I have researched and tested and planned its arrival into my year, into my need for a fresh approach to the next part of my life. And it will be fun sharing my kayak discoveries and general thoughts with you.

Welcome! Please visit back regularly if this studied approach to one man’s search for abundant balance holds interest for you. Comment if you will, and I’ll respond the best I can.

By the way…my name is Steve.

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  1. Well, I didn’t think your truck could get much cooler. But with a kayak on top, it’s going to be insanely awesome. And please, don’t tell my Dodge that I mentioned your truck.

  2. Hi, Lee. Thanks. I look forward to coming up your way and paddling with you on Hartwell. With its 969 miles of shoreline, we could be there a while.

  3. Welcome to the blogosphere, the next evolutionary step in communications- combining the drive towards excellence and the ultimate gravitational pull of mediocrity, the simultaneous exhibition of ego and self-effacement, and the twin towers of proclamation and discussion.

    Like your sermons, I’m sure these will be well thought, oft-quoted, and sometimes misunderstood. I look forward to reading them

  4. Well put, Michael, and so thematically relevant! Any consideration of balance must arrive at irony, before long.

    And it makes me wonder…in life processes, are balance and equalibrium the same thing? I think they’re different, balance being intentional and trained, and equalibrium being what you have left after irony ties your shoelaces together.

  5. Yeah, I know…this topic is a few days old. But the idea of comparing balance and equalibrium intrigues me, so I’ll risk the possibility of being redundant. I like that you used the words “intentional” and “trained” to describe balance. That sounds active and alive. As I walked home yesterday, attempting to remain upright against the wind, I was thinking that equalibrium, by definition, can only exist when balance is achieved. And maintaining that equalibrium allows no room for change or fluctuation. That doesn’t sound like much fun! I guess that leads back to the irony you mentioned. Today I read a quote that sums up my own musings fairly well.

    “Life is like riding a bicycle. To keep your balance you must keep moving.”

    Albert Einstein

  6. Hi, Kimberlee. Thanks for the comments. Being active and alive, as you described, is a big part of what this is all about. And eqalibrium doesn’t sound very active or alive, but static, even unresponsive.

    Really cool quote, too. In my sermon this morning I referred to how Jesus kept moving (as depicted somewhat in Matthew 9:35). His life was not static, not at a standstill, but in dynamic balance with God by means of the Holy Spirit existing between them. And that balance profoundly affected… everything!

    But you know all that! I hope the weather in Atqasuk is more May-like than it is in the Carolinas. The wind here is a little TOO dynamic for my comfort.


  7. steve –

    interesting – so how have you enjoyed the kayak?

    Response from Steve:
    By this date (1-9-8), I’ve been out many times, and I love the kayak. Keep reading for some of the adventures across the months.

    Welcome to Balance, Deb! Thanks for reading.

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